writer-friendly web services

As a writer myself and a longtime small business owner & consultant, I love working with creatives and using my skills to support your success.

A few of my services can be booked here; for more complex projects, check out my consulting firm, Carolina Creators, to see if we might be a good fit.

I work with you to select platforms, systems, and services that truly work for you — and if something doesn’t seem like a good fit, I’ll tell you, even if it means missing out on working with you.

If you’re interested in setting up services, feel free to book a free 30-minute call to chat through your needs and see if it’s a good fit. Send an email to emily@carolinacreators.com and let me know a little about what you’re looking for, and we’ll get something on the books!

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Editing services

I offer comprehensive copyediting services for newsletters, essays, blogs, web content, and books, at reasonable rates and with a fairly quick turnaround (within two weeks for longer pieces, and overnight for newsletters). I have over ten years of experience as an academic and professional editor working in a number of different formats.

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Web design for writers

I can help you with building a site, learning how to manage it, setting up SEO best practices, creating logos and designing images for other platforms, linking social media, and more. I also offer web content creation and UX design services. I have over fifteen years’ experience helping small and solo business owners build their online brands.

Financial systems consulting

Wondering about how to make this all work? Still paying for all your hosting and Medium/Substack subscriptions with your personal checking account? Starting to do consulting work or contract writing and don’t have an invoicing system? I can help you find the banking, legal, and financial systems you need to keep everything running smoothly. I offer both personalized consulting as well as online quick classes and free tutorials.

Research services

Struggling to find all the information you need about 19th century footwear, American football, or a geography you’ve never been to? Wishing you could just focus on writing the story and let someone else handle the research to make sure your editing process gets the details right? I LOVE research, especially the weird things all writers need to know about, and I’d love to support your work by providing research services.