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The year we should have had

A lot of us made decisions during the pandemic that were the closest approximation we could get to the things our hearts wanted.

Whether you could work from home or had to risk your life for minimum wage, whether you’re a digital native or had to learn to use zoom, whether you had any downtime during lockdown or not, being surrounded by death and uncertainty brings a certain level of introspection.

It comes for you in the middle of the night; it comes for you in spite of the endless distractions of internet entertainment; it comes for you in the middle of the work you throw yourself into because it is familiar and familiar feels safe.

It comes for you whether you’re ready, or want it, or can handle it.

Most of us used that introspection to finally listen to the small, still voices inside – the ones you can only hear when everything else falls away, when you’re left with nothing but the knowledge that you and all the people you love could die, now, today, or tomorrow.