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Real philosophy isn’t about your stoic morning routine

Why we should all read philosophy — just not the listicle kind I studied philosophy (yes, I’m aware this is why I’m still broke) as my second major in undergrad. I stuck with it even though I knew all you could do with it was teach and that I would never survive the weird insularity of getting a […]

Resist the pressure to do an end-of-year review this year

And what you can do instead If you’re already feeling overwhelmed that we’re six weeks away from 2023 and the holiday shitshow is kicking your ass, consider just…not. Not doing an annual review on your life like it’s a workplan you haven’t updated in six months. Not putting your life into schedules, calendars, to do […]

The year we should have had

A lot of us made decisions during the pandemic that were the closest approximation we could get to the things our hearts wanted.

Whether you could work from home or had to risk your life for minimum wage, whether you’re a digital native or had to learn to use zoom, whether you had any downtime during lockdown or not, being surrounded by death and uncertainty brings a certain level of introspection.

It comes for you in the middle of the night; it comes for you in spite of the endless distractions of internet entertainment; it comes for you in the middle of the work you throw yourself into because it is familiar and familiar feels safe.

It comes for you whether you’re ready, or want it, or can handle it.

Most of us used that introspection to finally listen to the small, still voices inside – the ones you can only hear when everything else falls away, when you’re left with nothing but the knowledge that you and all the people you love could die, now, today, or tomorrow.

A Western North Carolina Survival Guide for Transplants and Tourists

We wanted to save the South, dear reader, but you drowned out our love with your clearcutting and your Lexus SUVs, with your second homes and sandals and your complete and total blindness to the impacts you’re having on the lives of those who have been here for generations.

Finding grace in the troll bombing

Everyone is carrying something, especially now, when we’re all exhausted from the past three years of chaos and death, and the first thing the world does when the pandemic shows signs of slowing is to bomb kids in apartment buildings and dither over responses.

We’re all carrying a lot, and even those people who were awfully intent on tearing me down were just responding from fear, and exhaustion, and the scarcity of understanding that the investments everyone told them to make aren’t going to safely carry them into the future, no matter what they do.

If I can’t respond from grace, I shouldn’t respond at all. I do believe in humans, the messy and fragile goodness of us, buried underneath a lifetime of trauma and stress. I do believe that most people are trying to be and do good and that if we’re all kinder to one another it goes a long way towards making this difficult life a bit easier.

The internet doesn’t suck

If you’re struggling, with anxiety, with a lack of hope, with despair that humanity will ever save itself, I have just a quick suggestion for you today: go find some humans on the internet. I know, I know. I know what you’re thinking. The internet is a dumpster fire of hate, a giant shit sandwich where people rip each other apart to pass the time and you can find any sick thing you put your mind to. And that’s true, in some corners. But the internet we geriatric millennials believed in twenty years ago is still there — the one where humanity would save itself, where knowledge and passion and curiosity and connection would allow us to change in ways we’d never dreamed before. It’s just different now.

it’s homes, not housing, stupid

It’s not really about a long-term investment or getting our first foot (literally) in the door to be able to own assets that grow. It’s more about the freedom to hold a space, just one, tiny, physical space, that’s our own. I think, for us, it’s less about making an economic investment and more about making one in peace of mind.