it’s nice to meet you!

I’m Emily Adair.

I grew up in a library, and words saved my life.

I like dive bars, emotionally resilient men, pissed off women, and airplanes.

I do things involving food, books, music, cocktails, crafts, and sunshine.

If I had to pick a cliche, it’d be that joy is a form of resistance.

If I could live anywhere, I’d be right here inside my skin, with all the grace I’ve learned about beautiful constraints.

I hate a few things, like capitalism without constraints, licorice, most digital nomads, people who never laugh, and bad policy.

I wish I could still believe in fairy godmothers, good governments, tech for good, and large-scale change.

or, the more formal version, if you need it:

Emily Adair is the author of two upcoming books: Wonderland, a travel collection, and The Village is on Fire, a memoir for single parents. She’s currently working on a romance novel for smart people and her first speculative fiction novel.

In her previous life, she was a gov and startup expert with over a million words written in support of building better communities, and she’s also the author of several academic publications on topics like food systems, supply chains, local government, and policy research.

Now, she writes at and works as a consulting editorial strategist to meet other amazing internet humans, find her way in a world that’s always trying to put her in a box, and keep telling stories, which is all she’s ever wanted to do.


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editing, strategy, research, and writing services
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