goodtech 06: Learning to rest this season

And thank you for a wonderful year.

Hi friends of goodtech,

I’d hoped to get you one last, great read before the holidays.

Unfortunately, American healthcare is only a system insofar as it fails when you need it most, and bad luck becomes proportional in its impact the further down you fall. We’ve had a rough run of bad luck over here, and I’ll be ruthlessly prioritizing the basics for the next six weeks or so.

In that sense, though, I hope you can do the same (without the bad luck!) – ruthless prioritization is, sometimes, a beautiful tool for clarity of purpose. The things I have to cut that I miss most – like sending you this newsletter every few weeks, researching articles and meeting people to share their stories – are the ones I hope to pick back up in the new year. In that spirit, I’ll be back and writing to you in mid-January, 2022.

Here’s hoping you and yours have a restful, safe, and joyful holiday, whether and however you celebrate, and that you find time to prioritize what matters, realize what you’d miss most if you had to stop your life for a while, and find ways to do more of those things.



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